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Sept. 25th, 2010.

My newfound passion for patisserie has led me to try a new recipe from my collection of Gourmet Magazine cutouts, Devil's Food Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream. As always, I had to cut down the baking time by 10 minutes since my Latvian oven tends to overwork itself everytime. The result was amazing though. The cake came out moist with a rich cocoa flavor. The buttercream was a delightful surprise, because 'crème au beurre', as we call it in French, is traditionnally made with egg yolks. This recipe uses egg whites instead, and yields the smoothest buttercream, both light (in texture) and rich (in flavor). I do think the molasses in the dark brown sugar tend to overpower the vanilla though (next time, I'll try with white sugar). The recipe has been added under the Recipes tab. Enjoy!