Mousse au Chocolat

I usually enjoy my chocolate mousse rich, dark and thick. This time I used chocolate with 55% cocoa because that's all I had in my pantry and it was too late to run the store (which explains the lighter color on the picture). I would normally use 70% cocoa for a richer, stronger flavor.

Yields 4 servings
 200 g. dark chocolate (about 7 oz.)
2 Tbsp white sugar
5 large egg whites
4 egg yolks

Break down chocolate in small squares and melt in a double boiler.
Separate the egg whites from the yolks (only keep 4 yolks).
With an electric beater on medium speed, mix egg yolks with sugar until sugar is completely dissolved and mixture turns into a pale yellow.
When chocolate is melted and shiny, remove from heat (I usually transfer it to another bowl) and add the egg yolk mixture. Stir thoroughly.
In another bowl, beat the egg whites until firm peaks form.
Using a spatula, incorporate egg whites into chocolate mixture in three times.
Pour the mousse into 4 ramequins or serving bowls and refrigerate for at least 2-3 hours before serving.


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